Founder and President Neuroblastoma Australia

Lucy Jones portraitLucy Jones is the CEO of Neuroblastoma Australia and mother to Sienna and Jamie Hoffmann.

Lucy is focused on driving change in survival rates through more research, having tragically lost her daughter Sienna to the illness in 2010. When Sienna was first diagnosed, Lucy started fundraising with her friends, and this small group called 'Sienna Hoffmann and friends' raised over $725 000 for the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.

Lucy organised a number of Sienna Frangipani Gala Dinners as well as other events and founded the Neuroblastoma Run2Cure with friends and volunteers which as grown into a large annual event. The charity has constantly evolved and it has now raised over $2.7 million for research. Before running the charity Lucy worked in retail as a senior commercial buyer for a large Department Store Group in the UK for 12 years. Lucy has a MBA and also is completing a degree in Psychology.

Recently Lucy was recognised for her tireless work in raising awareness of neuroblastoma through the Westfield Local Heroes for Chatswood. She currently services on the consumer and community committee for Sydney Children’s Hospital and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre redevelopment project in Randwick and is often requested to be an Associate Investigator on neuroblastomas research projects due to her experience as a parent and her knowledge acquired running the charity and liaising with many families affected by neuroblastoma.

Lucy is passionate about ensuring research funded is the very best research in the area of neuroblastoma so attends key research meetings and liaises with the charity's esteemed Scientific Advisory Board for the grant selection process.