Stand with us on 2 February 2021 to start Neuroblastoma Awareness Week and join our #2little campaign to highlight the lack of funding for childhood cancers and rare toddler cancer neuroblastoma.  

Children diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma have a survival rate of only around 50 percent. The introduction of immunotherapy into treatments will improve survival rates by an estimated 10 percent which is encouraging but there are still too many children who are losing their young lives to this insidious disease. In addition to the treatments not being effective for many children, they are also very toxic and take place over a prolonged period of time – often 12 months to 18 months if not longer.  

We need to raise awareness as the first step to raising the funds necessary to develop better and safer treatments. 

Each year we invite members of our community to post their stories and images to share their experience with this disease to raise awareness of the children’s cancer neuroblastoma. Use the hashtags #2little #Neuroblastoma

Get involved on social mediaSienna  

  • Post a photo of yourself as a toddler: Children diagnosed with neuroblastoma are on average just 2 years old. To help us spread awareness about the devastating childhood cancer neuroblastoma, please could you help out by posting a picture of yourself on social media as a toddler with the hashtags #2little and #neuroblastoma 

  • Add our Facebook frame to your profile picture: In addition to your toddler photo (or instead of) you can add our Neuroblastoma Awareness Day profile frame to your Facebook and other social media profile images. Add the Facebook frame to your profile here.

  • Share facts about Neuroblastoma with your friends and family: starting on 2 February, Neuroblastoma Awareness Day, we will be sharing facts about neuroblastoma as part of our #2little campaign to highlight lack of funding for this rare toddler cancer. Head to our Facebook page to read these facts and share them from your profile.  

Wear a Neuroblastoma Awareness pin

Awareness PinHelp raise awareness for childhood cancer neuroblastoma by purchasing from our selection of awareness pins or car stickers. 100% of profits go to help fund leading research to develop new, effective and kinder treatments for children with neuroblastoma cancer. 

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Support children like Lukas

Lukas awareness day
Lukas was growing up as a happy and super cheeky three-year-old, but in July 2019 became very unwell. He had high temperatures, was unable to walk, and was in absolute agony in the emergency department. His family felt helpless; then they were given the diagnosis – their boy had neuroblastoma.

Lukas underwent gruelling, invasive treatment which included induction chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumour, a bone marrow transplant, radiation therapy and intensive immunotherapy, which finally finished nearly 12 months after his initial diagnosis. Lukas is now in remission but continues to have three-monthly scans. 

Lukas' mum, Madison said: 

Research is so important for any childhood cancer, especially neuroblastoma. With more research we hope to bring up survival rates and have less harsh treatments and less invasive diagnosis testing. 

Read more about Lukas' story here.

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With childhood cancer research receiving less than 10% of all government cancer research funding, it falls to the community to provide the means for scientists and research institutes to find better, kinder and more effective treatments for this childhood cancer. Please donate today to help us on our mission to ensure every child diagnosed grows up to lead a long and healthy life.  

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