Our heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters from all over the world who choose to stand up for neuroblastoma children and their families in our first virtual event: Run2Cure Local.
So far we have received $155,000 in donations which is just incredible.

Our amazing supporters

We would like to acknowledge all our incredible fundraisers who have worked so hard to raise funds in support of our mission; to find better treatments for the children's cancer neuroblastoma. 
Congratulations to all the teams and individuals  - the top 5 positions of our fundraising competition are shown below but you can check the top 25 positions on our leaderboard. Special mention to Run2Cure WA (Team Max!) for an amazing $27k followed by Roy's Runners, and Saskia the Superhero. Individual fundraisers also were so impressive - a big well done Emma and Sam Van Meurs, Sharvita and Alex and Doug. 

Top individual and team fundraisers for Run2Cure 2020


Our Run2Cure Local 2020 Top Runners

The winners of our fun run competitions and their times are:

Watch our Run2Cure Local Livestream from Sydney's Domain

 You can now watch the full video and see interviews with our special guests Superheroes Zach and Oliver, Dr Toby Trahair Oncologist and many of our neuroblastoma families and supporters around Australia.  


You can still make a difference 

Although our racing app and running competitions have now been closed, there is certainly no reason why you can't take on your own Run2Cure challenge, especially as September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. If you want to set up your own fundraiser please use this link.

We will keep our fundraising pages open until the end of September. You can still visit our Superhero pages and get to know these incredible children and their families who have shared their neuroblastoma stories to help raise awareness of this children's cancer. Add your support to their teams as they raise vital funding towards research into a cure.

Images of our Neuroblastoma Superhero children

Booking for this event has now closed.