On Tuesday, June, 4, Channel 7's A Current Affair ran an in-depth story about families with children with high-risk neuroblastoma who are having to raise huge amounts of money to access treatment overseas.  While there are plans to make the treatment available in Australia, families who need urgent access to treatment cannot wait. 

We thank A Current Affair for helping us raise this urgent issue, and thank Harry and his family for sharing their story - and the four other families featured.


We are calling on Mark Butler MP to fund the interim access to this treatment whilst it is going through the approval process. This is possible to do by covering the costs of importing the treatment.

This will enable children with high risk Neuroblastoma to access the treatment here at home in Australia rather than having to travel abroad whilst they are unwell, and avoid parents having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars themselves.

Please help us raise this issue by sharing this story as widely as possible across social media and via email.  

You can also write to your Federal MP to ask them to do more to make the interim funding possible. 

Thank you for your support.