Please give an urgent tax time gift today and give hope to children with neuroblastoma.

There is currently no prevention or definitive cure for neuroblastoma cancer – current treatments work in around 50% of cases of children diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma and as a result there is an urgent need for more effective therapies.

Exciting breakthrough with a combination drug therapy

Neuroblastoma Australia is supporting research into the drug DFMO conducted by Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI) . DFMO has been in clinical trial for a number of years and has shown it can affect neuroblastoma tumours. The Team at CCI found that if DFMO were combined with a polyamine inhibitor, the drug becomes far more powerful in killing neuroblastoma cells. Polyamines are molecules which fuel the rapid growth of neuroblastoma cells.  As a result of their world-class research, a new trial testing this combination will be started in 2022. There is a strong rationale that this could ultimately lead to the development of potentially new treatments for this devastating disease and improve survival rates for children with hard-to-treat relapsed neuroblastomas.

As this research has shown such promising data to date, organisations in Europe and the US are also keen to support a clinical trial. It is expected that a trial involving US, Australia and Europe could be started in 2022 which will help accelerate this research.

Funds from this appeal will go to support the proposed international clinical trial for this drug combination next year in collaboration with other organisations.

What you can do

Each new research and each new breakthrough gives families of children with neuroblastoma - hope, hope for a cure and a promise of better treatment options. Please support our 2020 tax appeal and our quest to find better and safer treatments for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma. For, we can't do it without you and they can't do it without you.

Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every donation is important. It all adds up to make a big difference to children battling this aggressive cancer.

Every Child deserves the chance to grow up. 

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Your Impact

With the support of your generous donations and the advice of our Scientific Advisory Board, Neuroblastoma Australia is able to fund a range of research projects. To know how your support matters and to understand why such a clinical trial is vital for this devastating childhood cancer, get to know some of the brave children and their families affected by neuroblastoma here.