We need your support to help change survival rates of neuroblastoma childhood cancer. Currently only 1 in 2 children survive aggressive neuroblastoma. We need to change this figure to 100% through funding research. Please help us by supporting our Give A Gift Christmas Appeal which not only funds research but also supports a child with neuroblastoma!

Making Your Donation Go Further 

For every donation above $60, a child with cancer will receive an activity pack. Children on cancer treatment often spend many months on treatment or in isolation at home, so our activity packs provide much needed distraction and entertainment. 

Last year, your donations to our Christmas Give a Gift Appeal enabled us to donate 63 gifts to children and their families. This year, we’d like to make sure we can give gifts to over 100 families to brighten their day – can you help by donating one gift? 

Bring joy to children like Emeline

Emeline was diagnosed with high-risk metastatic stage 4 neuroblastoma at 3 years old. She spent 18 months undergoing treatment - scans, surgeries, biopsies, tube insertions and removals, nurses, doctors, statistics, chemos and other treatments. Much of her time was spent in isolation, as her immune system was weakened. 

As parents, we fight so hard to protect our children from any harm but there’s nothing we can do about cancer. Suddenly it’s in our lives threatening to take away one of our beloved kids. 

“Emeline loves people. She adores her big brother, Caleb, and loves trying to keep up with him. She loves being a big sister to baby Indie, even when Indie tries to mess up all the beautiful set-ups Em carefully puts together. She is everyone's friend and just wants to play with you.”

Now, Emeline is four and a half years old and has now completed all treatment and is in remission.

How your donations help

Your kind donations will help Neuroblastoma Australia to fund a leading research project into neuroblastoma. The project will be selected by our Scientific Advisory Board for its innovation and potential to bring about change, to find better and safer treatments for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Each new research project, and each new breakthrough, gives families of children with neuroblastoma hope for a cure, and a promise of better treatment options. Every child deserves the chance to grow up.  

Activity packs

Children with neuroblastoma often spend weeks in hospital and are particularly vulnerable due to their immune systems being suppressed by their cancer treatments. By gifting a child one of these Activity Packs, you can help provide them with some distraction and entertainment during this difficult time.

Thanks to our partners Tiger Tribe and Janod, who have generously donated excellent quality toys for the activity packs, from brands such as Djeco, eeBoo, Janod and MudPuppy.

Thank you so much for your generous support. 

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