With a donation this Christmas, you can help us fund new research to find a cure within our lifetimes

In 2016, at just two years old, Maddie was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. The tumour was in her abdomen, wrapped around various organs and very close to her spine. Maddie underwent months of aggressive and intensive treatment including chemotherapy, stem cell replacement, radiotherapy. She had to endure an eight operation and spend weeks in intensive care and was in isolation in hospital, including over Christmas. 

We are delighted to share that Maddie is now 8 years old and is doing well – thanks to research that has been done to date. She loves school, swimming, playing guitar and cooking with her big brother Levi. Maddie has successfully managed a number of challenges from all the treatments she had to endure. She has some hearing loss from her chemotherapy, and has had to work on building her overall strength and core. She has now successfully managed to learn how to ride her bike.

But much more needs to be done to help children with neuroblastoma. No child should have to endure the treatments like Maddie did. It's just a question of research. Research provides the answers to finding treatments that work.

It doesn’t end once you finally finish all the relentless treatments, we still have scans and never-ending appointments as there is still uncertainty at times as to what other effects Maddie might have to manage as a result of her treatments.- Monique, Madison's Mum

With a donation this Christmas, you can help us fund new research to find a cure within our lifetimes. Together, we can make neuroblastoma a thing of the past, and provide a better future for kids with cancer. 

Let’s save all toddlers from neuroblastoma cancer – donate to research here. 

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