Two-year-old Willow was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in September 2021 and is currently undergoing treatment for this aggressive cancer. Will you help children like Willow this EOFY? 

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Neuroblastoma Australia this end of financial year, so that we can continue to help fund research needed to develop kinder and better treatments, and ultimately find a cure, for children like Willow. 

Kirsty, Willow's Mum, explained her world fell apart when her daughter, Willow, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. In September 2021, Willow developed a limp that was attributed to an irritable hip. Her condition continued to worsen and several blood tests and ultrasounds revealed a tumour. Thus started her battle with neuroblastoma, all at the age of just 2 years 9 months.
Willow has endured an endless treatment plan consisting of intensive chemotherapy. Although, Willow's tumour shrunk after initial treatments, the cancer cells in her bone continued to progress. Willow is now participating in a clinical trial with the goal of stopping and removing the disease in her bone. 

After two more rounds of chemotherapy Willow underwent an operation to remove half of her ovary, most likely making her infertile, Kirsty Whitbread - Willow’s mother

Willow is immuno-suppressed from all her extensive treatments which means she cannot go out and play with other children due to the risk of infection. This is the harsh reality of neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects children under five. There is currently no prevention or a definitive cure for neuroblastoma cancer – current treatments work in around 50% of cases of children diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma and as a result there is an urgent need for more effective therapies.

Help us reach our ultimate goal - a cure for all children

Donating is simple. Follow the link to make a donation via our secure payment gateway. You will be issued with a tax-deductible receipt immediately. 

All donations made by 30th June over $2 are tax-deductible for this financial year. 

Your support right now is vital

Each new research and each new breakthrough gives families of children with neuroblastoma hope, hope for a cure and a promise of better treatment options. Every day, because of the kindness of people like you, Neuroblastoma Australia is investing in research for better and safer treatments to give young children the best chance of surviving this devastating cancer. Neuroblastoma Australia has supported the drug development of the clinical trial Willow is now taking part in - thanks to donations from individuals like you.

Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every donation is important. It all adds up to make a big difference to children battling this aggressive cancer.

Every Child deserves the chance to grow up. 

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Where does my money go?

We are 100% community funded and the only charity in Australia working towards this cause. Funds from this appeal will go to support the charity's research grants round taking place this year. Two leading research projects will be selected by the charity's world-class Scientific Advisory Board based on their potential to improve treatments and to get us closer to a definitive cure. Read about our previous grants here

Banner image photo credit: Alex Coppel