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Every donation over $50 to our EOFY Appeal will include an activity gift set for a child facing cancer. The gift set will include high-quality games and activities which the child can do in the hospital, or in isolation at home. These gifts are even more appreciated this year as many children facing neuroblastoma are isolated due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

All we want for Eleanor is a cure and then to take her home to the rest of our family well and able to live a normal and happy life, like she deserves. We want to see her go to her first day of school, learn to swim, play sports and go on holidays, things that we used to take for granted. Eleanor's mum, Jacqui

Eleanor with dad

Eleanor's story

On January 2018, 18-month-old Eleanor was diagnosed with Stage Four High-Risk Neuroblastoma. Previously, Eleanor had lost weight, stopped walking, talking, and eating before the diagnosis was made. A scan revealed a large tumour on her right kidney. Her kidney and adrenal gland had to be removed urgently - and significant intensive treatments followed. The treatments cause Eleanor to be very unwell and spend one week on life support following complications. intensive treatments followed. Eleanor suffered complications and became so unwell she spent a week on life support.

Eleanor in hospital and at the beach

Our world fell apart. She was a very happy and healthy child up until this point. Eleanor's mum, Jacqui

Eleanor’s type of neuroblastoma turned out to be one of the most aggressive kinds which means there was a high chance of relapse. Eleanor’s parents enrolled her in a special clinical trial in the States where she completed treatment. Very sadly, three days after Eleanor had her third birthday, a routine scan showed a new tumour in Eleanor’s frontal lobe. She underwent brain surgery and the tumour was successfully removed - but it was likely that there were neuroblastoma cells remaining. To attempt to remove the remaining cells, Eleanor’s parents enrolled in another clinical trial in the US involving special antibodies which were hoped to get rid of residual neuroblastoma cells. The Tasmanian family currently in isolation in Melbourne where Eleanor is continuing her treatments.

Eleanor on treatment in hospital and going for an outing

Eleanor’s story reflects the aggression of neuroblastoma and the lack of effective treatments, particularly for the most aggressive types of cancer and relapsed neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma Australia is currently supporting two pre-clinical research projects focused on looking for new options. The hope is to fund two further projects that will help children like Eleanor.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Donations $50 and over will include an activity pack being sent to a child affected by cancer; whether they are at home or in hospital.

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Thank you for helping children like Eleanor who are bravely facing cancer today, AND the children who, unless a cure is found, will have to face this disease tomorrow.

Eleanor playing with her activity set

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