Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer and survival rates for the aggressive types are around 50%. Children diagnosed with neuroblastoma are on average just 2 years old. Currently a third of those who do survive, have long term effects from their actual treatments, as the treatments themselves are so toxic and extensive.

This year Brisbane Commodore Car Club has chosen to support Neuroblastoma Australia as they have a family in their Club who has a young child diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Through our fundraising we are supporting Neuroblastoma Australia and their work to raise vital funds for leading research into better, kinder, and more effective treatments for this children’s cancer. Neuroblastoma.  If possible, please show your support by donating through this page It does not matter how much it is - it all helps.

BCCC is holding their first fundraising car show with the help of Joe's Diner. The car shoe named Show and Shine is where people enter their cars into a show and have them judged by expert people in the field of car judging. These shows are divided up into categories like make and model year they made and class. A typical car show and shine can have up to 10 categories or more. 

At the end of the show winners are presented with their trophies and sometimes a gift from those running the show.

We plan on having a full suite of trophies and also we are running a raffle on the day with prizes we have gained from our partners.

The Show and Shine Show is being held on Saturday 23rd April 2023 and we would love those interested to come along and help raise funds for Neuroblastoma Australia.

Craig Schultz