As an infant I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and now - almost 21 years on - I’ve graduated highschool, have competed in swimming at a national level, am studying a double degree and have gotten my first full time job. It is because of my parents, my doctors, early detection & research that I have been given the experiences that I have.

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I have set myself the mammoth task of raising $2,000 to support children and families that face such uncertain times and for a cause I hold close to my heart. All funds will be donated to Neuroblastoma research in the attempt to find kinder, more effective treatments for neuroblastoma so that one day, ALL children diagnosed with this devastating children's cancer will get to grow up, free from the side effects of their treatment. More people derserve the same luck I’ve had in my life.

As a token of my appreciation, all donations greater than $25 are eligible to apply for a free Gloria Elaine Graphics illustration (DM @gloriaelainegraphics on Instagram). As well as this, all sales made on my depop in the next two months will be donated also.

Kate Brown