Last year I become a mum for the first time and my life completely changed. My beautiful baby girl gave me a whole new world to fall in love with. Through mother’s groups, family events and baby classes, I came across many families and their stories and experiences as parents. Unfortunately, this is where I came to realise that too many families were facing battles that no parents should ever have to face. One of those battles was a cancer called Neuroblastoma. It is exclusively a childhood cancer and occurs most commonly in children aged 0-5 years. Although, my husband and I have a healthy, happy little girl, I couldn’t help but feel grief and immense sadness for one particular family facing neuroblastoma and the road they had travelled, their loss and the journey ahead without their baby girl. No parent or child should have to face cancer. It is vital more funds are raised for neuroblastoma so children are not lost to this aggressive childhood cancer. With more funds more research can be done and survival rates can be improved from the current 50%. Please show your support by donating via this page- It does not matter how much it is - it all helps.

Lena Westphal-groves