For many families caring for a child affected by neuroblastoma means many hours in and out of hospital by your child’s side, and in some cases even re-locating to be closer to hospital as a consequence. Due to the care and time involved many parents have to give up work, even after treatment has finished. It is often very hard to return to an office job even if treatment is successful. We are therefore partnering with Hoxby with the idea that they can support some families by providing a more flexible option as well as a possible source of income. 


What is Hoxby?

Hoxby has created a freelancer network to support those that are unable to work within the traditional ‘9-5’ office parameters, such as families caring for their children during their journey with neuroblastoma. We are proud to be the first charity in Australia to collaborate with Hoxby, bringing additional support to families affected. Please view their website here for full details.

Examples of types of work:

Admin, marketing, PR, graphic design, HR, copywriting, social media, proof-reading, translating and SO much more. Hoxby work can range from a 10-minute admin task to a more complex, long-term project. 

How is Hoxby work flexible?

Hoxby work is 100% remote and carried out in your own time. You have the option to set your hours each week, the work is based on purely on deliverable, rather than an hourly rate.

What type of paid work do Hoxby offer?

The Hoxby freelance network is made up of strategists, creatives, tech-heads. Writing people, numbers people, people people. Thinkers, do-ers, disruptors. From simple admin work to more detailed projects - you can choose work to suit your capacity, skills and interests. 

What is the application process with Hoxby?

1. The application question is: Why do I want to join Hoxby and what does the #worklifestyle movement mean to me? This can be answered in any format. 

2. Following the success of this, you will be asked to submit an example of work you have created, called a Showcase Task. You can choose from dozens of task or even come up with your own topic that shows off your skill-set.

3. You will then be asked to complete your personal profile (which Hoxby call your 'passport') which includes your contact details and a few other small details.

4. Once your Showcase Task has been approved (14-days max turn-around) you will be added to the freelance network and have full access to the current paid opportunities. You will also enjoy a quarterly profit share regardless if you have completed any paid work with Hoxby or not. 

For more details on the application process and to apply, please click here. Hoxby opens for applications quarterly throughout the year, however would like to extend a permanent opening window for any families affected by neuroblastoma recognising the need to be flexible and supportive. Also please feel free to join their 'Workstyle Revolution' community here

How do I get started with Hoxby?

Please click here. to get started with your application. Hoxby have opened a permanent application window for neuroblastoma families, so please note this in your application and ignore their current application windows list on the website.  

I have some further questions. Who can I talk to?

Please check out Hoxby further F&Q's here. Otherwise please reach out to us via email to [email protected], we would love to hear from you.