Be a part of our Lockdown Liberation Challenge in association with ReCollect. Your support in this challenge not only means less waste for landfill but also a contribution to the #1 cause of cancer deaths in under 5's - neuroblastoma. 

How it works

  • Gather old plastic or glass bottles at your home or office. Please check the list of eligible containers here.
  • Download the ReCollect App or go to their website. 
  • Book a free, contactless pick-up from your home or office on a day and time convenient to you.
  • ReCollect will collect these containers from you. Please use promocode LOCKDOWN, valid for the month of July, so that the full 10 cent refund is applied to every container.
  • ReCollect will reward you with refund for your recycling and give you the option to donate this back to Neuroblastoma Australia to help fund vital childhood research.(You will be able to download your tax receipt.)

What you get

Liberation - as you enjoy a clutter-free, organised space, whilst being part of a larger community and making a big impact to neuroblastoma childhood cancer research to help save the lives of our little ones.