Trek2Cure Team 2024

Starting on May 31, Kerry Denman, and Jon and Belinda Birt embarked on an adventure of a lifetime to help children with neuroblastoma as part of our Trek2Cure fundraiser. 
Hiking along the Larapinta Trail, one of the world's most iconic walking tracks, Kerry, Jon, and Belinda immersed themselves in the incredible beauty of Arrante County.
Kerry shared the experience with us,
"Belinda, Jon and I arrived back in Alice Springs on Wednesday afternoon after completing our trek. I think I can speak on behalf of the three of us that this experience exceeded our expectations. Both in terms of the funds we have been able to raise for Neuroblastoma Australia and the opportunity to be immersed in the incredible beauty of Arrernte Country as we walked and camped along the Larapinta trail. 

During the trek there was time to reflect alone, together, and with the other trek participants about our knowledge and experiences of Neuroblastoma and the effects we have witnessed that this diagnosis can have on children and their loved ones.

We also shared our passion with others about the importance of further education and funding being directed towards research into Neuroblastoma and other rare diseases. 

Thank you for coordinating the Trek2Cure and the opportunity it has given us to take on this challenge and be a small part in moving forward towards finding safer, kinder, and more effective treatments for Neuroblastoma." 


We'd like to say a huge and heartfelt thanks to Kerry, Jon and Belinda for taking on a challenge that no doubt stretched them physically and mentally. Together, they raised over $21,000!

It's a fantastic achievement and we're exceptionally grateful.