Isla was born in February 2007. At three months of age Isla started to become restless and showed signs of bruising around the eyes which was common symptom of neuroblastoma. After many visits to doctors she was finally diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in the last week of September 2007

The treatment journey

The next 18 months of Isla’s life was through childhood cancer treatment that involved surgery and 12 rounds of chemotherapy. There were many twists and turns during this time as testing results during the treatment caused much consternation for her oncologist and the team of Sydney Childrens’ Hospital which required them to change treatment plans three times before we settled on ending treatment with scanning still showing small amounts of disease on her body which over the next 24 months slowly disappeared and Isla entered remission.

We as parents are lucky to still have her here with us. Angelee, Isla's mum

Isla is now a 13 year old attending high school. She enjoys the beach, cycling and walking her dogs.