Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer and survival rates for the aggressive types are around 50%. Children diagnosed with neuroblastoma are on average just 2 years old. 

Currently, a third of those who do survive, have long term effects from their actual treatments, as the treatments themselves are so toxic and extensive.

We urgently need better, safer and kinder treatments for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Ultimately, we want a cure so that all children get the chance to grow up and lead long and healthy lives.

The charity has three main objectives:

  • To raise awareness of neuroblastoma childhood cancer and increase the understanding and the need to support research in this area
  • To raise vital funds for research into the development of better, safer treatments for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma now and in the future
  • To provide information and support to those affected by neuroblastoma.

What we do

We fund leading research projects. We have a Scientific Advisory Board who assess applications for funding to ensure we invest in the best and most promising research. We raise funds for research primarily through our main fundraising events: Run2Cure Neuroblastoma and Sienna’s Gala Dinner and from fundraising from the community.

We provide information to families and support through resources on our website and through the opportunity to connect to other families at events and through social networking.

What you can do

Please help us beat the number one toddler cancer and find out how you can help us here.