Have fun whilst raising funds for a great cause! Here's a few ideas get you started, and you can download our handy A-Z of Fundraising Ideas PDF packed full of ideas and inspiration.

Download your complete A-Z of Fundraising Ideas here

A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

Afternoon Tea

Who doesn't love cakes, scones and coffee? Then why not host an afternoon tea! So, get the cake stand at the ready and send the invites out!


Gather your friends and family for an afternoon BBQ. Make things easy with our handy checklist so you can be organised and enjoy the day! Access your copy of our BBQ Fundraiser Checklist here.

Garage Sale

Use your garage, shed or car boot to display your wares. Or get together with a few friends or family and host a combined garage sale, donating the proceeds to Neuroblastoma Australia

Melbourne Cup Day

Hold a lunch, charge per head and give prizes for best hat or best dressed. Maybe run a sweepstakes or silent auction, proceeds of the day donated to Neuroblastoma Australia.

Netball Tournament

A great fundraiser as a match between friends, or for something bigger ask everyone to enter teams of colleagues to turn it into a tournament


Zumba is fast becoming a fun way to get fit. Why not host a Zumba Party and have some fun fundraising? Ask people to sponsor you per song or for an hour of Zumba.

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Other ways to help

There are many ways that you can make a huge difference to our charity, here's just a few ideas if you're unable to donate or fundraise directly. 

Shop for a great cause

Online shopping is a great way to buy something wonderful and give back to our charity. 

  • Our Neuroblastoma Australia Charity Shop has a fantastic range of Jellycat soft toys, activity sets and so many more beautiful gifts available through our online store and 100% of profits go to the charity.
  • Holding a dinner party? Tamburlaine Winery support our charity through their special fundraiser order deal which you can download here
  • Shop via Shopnate: Register online or download the App for Shopnate and a percentage of what you spend (usually 1-2.5%) gets donated to the charity of your choice. 
  • Organise a gift list for your child's birthday through GiftSavvy.com.au and add a donation to Neuroblastoma Australia to your list. giftSavvy also pass on 100% of any donation your invitees choose to make to the kids charity of your choice and they also donate one tree to be planted for every gift bought. 
  • Buy a digital entertainment book to access thousands of great entertainment and dining deals and 20% will be donated to Neuroblastoma Australia. Buy a 12 month digital entertainment book.

Get active on social media

By sharing your story, photos, posts or videos, you're helping us raising awareness of this disease, which will help us encourage researchers, institutions and governments to support projects dedicated to finding a cure for neuroblastoma. Follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and use the hashtags #NeuroblastomaAustralia #2Little

Online surveys

Spend a few minutes of your time each month to give your opinions via Opinionate online surveys. 100% of funds raised go directly to supporting Neuroblastoma Australia. Register today!

Community Bank Accounts

If you are in the position to have a savings account, Beyond Bank's Community Saving Account allows you to open a community savings account which can be linked to Neuroblastoma Australia. Beyond Bank makes an annual donation to the charity based on the average balances held in all the community savings accounts linked to the charity. Find out more at Beyond Bank's information page.

Lockdown Liberation Challenge

You can now recycle your plastic and glass bottles and support our mission of raising funds for neuroblastoma research. We have partnered with ReCollect to help you book a free, contactless pick-up of eligible waste containers from your home or office on a day and time convenient to you. ReCollect will reward you with refund for your recycling and give you the option to donate this back to Neuroblastoma Australia to help fund vital childhood research.