Help us Beat the Number One Baby and Toddler Cancer 

Why we need your help!

Neuroblastoma is a complex and aggressive cancer affecting young children. In fact the average age is just two years old and it is the leading cause of cancer death of children under five.

Only 50% of those children diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma will survive five years after diagnosis – and a third of those children that do survive, will have long term side effects from their treatments. 

In Australia, on average, one child is diagnosed with neuroblastoma every nine days.  The disease attracts very little research funding from pharmaceutical companies and from the Government. In fact all childhood cancers put together only received 10% of the total  Government cancer research budget.

What we do 

Neuroblastoma Australia raises funds to invest in innovative research projects with the goal of developing more effective treatments as well as treatments which are safer.

Ultimately our vision is to find a treatment which will lead to all children surviving and without causing any permanent damage.  We ensure the projects we invest in are of the very best quality through an expert international Scientific Advisory Board who are specialists in neuroblastoma.

How your donation helps

Your contribution will help us fund research projects. Every two years Neuroblastoma Australia holds a research grants round where scientists from all over Australia propose new research projects. Funding these projects provides essential seed funding so good ideas can evolve and progress through the various research stages needed. To date Neuroblastoma Australia has funded over twelve different research projects and supported established professors to up and coming mid-career scientists.

Your support means we can support the development of new treatments which are vital. Without these new developments children will continue to have to endure extensive and toxic treatments and often not survive.  

Every donation helps us with our fundraising for the young children diagnosed with neuroblastoma and who deserve the chance of life.

Please make a donation today.


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