Claire is donating her beautiful long blond hair to Ella Wig Makers. Our wonderful kid has decided to cut off 21cm of her luscious locks to give a young person the opportunity to feel more confident, during their treatment for cancer. For each centimetre donated, Bec is going to run 1km. It's going to be a half marathon from Bec to acknowledge a marathon effort by Claire. As tough as this will be for the girls, the challenge pales into insignificance to the devastation childhood cancer inflicts on young people and their families. We are raising money to cover the cost of making the wig (roughly $1000) and donating any additional money raised to Neuroblastoma Australia to fund research into fighting this terrible childhood cancer. Neuroblastoma is the most common form of cancer found in babies and affects around 1 in 7000 children. We would love it if you could donate to this special cause and help us raise awareness in the hope that there will one day be a cure.

Bec Fergie