The day to day life for a child with cancer, and their carers can be very difficult. There are many challenges to be faced and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.


Your child may be experiencing distressing emotions about their cancer diagnosis, side effects from treatment and mood changes from the effects of medications. It is very important that carers of children with cancer look after themselves during this time. Knowing what to expect and who to get support from can help the family cope throughout treatment. 

Social workers assigned to you by your hospital should be able to connect you to support services and we have collated a range of options through our Related Support Services page.

The Cancer Council Victoria has also developed a resource area regarding life during and after treatment with information regarding the following:

Cancer at school

Starting day-care, pre-school or primary school is a big step for any child. If your child is also managing cancer treatment it will be important to share information regarding their care with appropriate staff and maintain regular communication regarding how your child is coping both at home and in care. 

The Cancer Council Victoria’s Cancer in the school community pack is designed to be shared with your child’s school and is available to order for free or downloadable as a PDF from the site. The American Cancer Society also has a useful article regarding returning to school

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne has produced a What do I tell my friends and  classmates at school?  Which is designed to help children and parents discuss communicating the disease to peers. They have also developed the Chronic illness and school page with guidelines on how to coordinate support from medical carers and schools. 

More information

Visit our Related support services page for an extensive list of information and resources.

  • Living with children’s cancer - Cancer Australia
  • Red Kite: Support and information for children and young people with cancer and their families. 
  • Camp Quality: Services and programs are specifically designed to help children aged 0-13 cope with the daily ups and downs of dealing with cancer including family fun days, school education and support services: 
  • Kids Guide to Cancer App: free app that supports kids who have a parent, sibling, friend, or loved one with cancer.
  • Starlight Foundation: Wishgranting for seriously ill children and their families, 
  • Livewire: Livewire is an online community specifically for teens (aged 12-20) living with a serious illness, disability or chronic health condition. 12 to 20 years 
  • Youth cancer services - for young people aged 15 to 25