I did a little research about Neuroblastoma when our little cousin Ava (9) was diagnosed over a year ago. Reading about the horrendous struggles and the devastating impact it has on such little bodies had given me a little more knowledge of this rare childhood cancer; but more research is needed to provide less toxic and more effective drugs so children like Ava can have a normal life. Currently only 1 in 2 children survive aggressive Neuroblastoma.

" Childhood cancer research receives around 10% of all government cancer research funding it falls to the community to provide means for scientists and research institutes"

Being in isolation for extended periods of time and being on various drugs & treatments, these children aren't able to experience the outdoors. Over 104 days I will be hiking, running and biking a distance of 1475ks, for the Neuroblastoma Children.

All kind donations will help fund research and lift the survival rate to a healthy 100%.

Carolyn Church