A bit over a year ago our 8 month old baby girl Hayley was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She went through two major surgeries plus chemotherapy. We are so pleased she is now doing really well, and only under surveillance scans until 5 and a half years old. The experience for Hayley and our family was horrific. We are hoping to help raise funds for research, preventative measures and better treatments.

I am a photographer, and will be holding a day of discounted minishoots, with 100% of proceeds going straight to Neuroblastoma Australia. We will also be doing a raffle with some exciting prizes, and boxes of cupcakes for purchase.

It is vital more funds are raised for neuroblastoma so children are not lost to this aggressive childhood cancer. With more funds, more research can be done, and survival rates can be improved from the current 50%. We have such a personal experience with this horrible disease and wish no other child or parent to go through the same.

These young children deserve the chance to grow up normal and healthy, enjoying everything life has to offer. If you would like to help, and have the means to do so, please make a donation. It does not matter how much - it all helps.

Hannah Mueller