TODAY is my run challenge day - please support me!
This year I am running the Run2Cure Local, for our tough little mate Sammy and to help raise awareness of the aggressive childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a solid tumour of childhood cancer. It develops from nerve cells called neuroblasts. These cells are most commonly found in the adrenal glands (above the kidney) and along the tissues around the spinal cord.

Sam was diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma in January 2021. He's had a big year so far with countless scans and tests, 3 surgeries, 5 rounds of chemo, the first of 2 rounds of high dose chemo with a stem cell transplant just finishing up this month. Sam still has a long road ahead with more high dose chemo, radiation and immunotherapy. His latest scans show no active cancer and we hope future scans will also show this as he progresses with his treatment plan.

Run2Cure has grown from a small fun run in Sydney Park in 2013 to a significant annual community event with over 5000 people from all over Australia coming together in solidarity. It is the charity’s largest fundraising event, working to raise awareness and desperately needed funds for research into a cure for this children’s cancer.

I’ll be running 21km on April 15th to raise funds for vital research into better, kinder and more effective treatments for the children's cancer neuroblastoma. I am doing this for Sammy and his beautiful family who have already shown such strength and resilience through this time.
You can show your support for this cause by donating via this page. You can read more about how these funds will be used to fight the battle against Neuroblastoma here:

Kim Nuthall