Jazmyn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was 7 years old with high risk neuroblastoma in 2017. 

The extensive and invasive rounds of treatments were initially successful but very sadly the cancer returned in 2019. Despite more treatments and Jazmyn's undaunting courage and fun-loving positive outlook, the cancer unfortunately did not respond as everyone had hoped and Jazmyn passed in Dec 2021.

Jazymyn loved colour, was super creative and wanted to raise awareness of this devastating disease so Chantelle, Jazmyn's Mum is organising this special walk for her special girl.

It's simple to join in and 2 help those who need your help so a cure can be found for all children diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Join Chantelle on February 18 and walk 2.2 km in Adelaide.

Wear a tutu (that's 2 2) or bright coloured clothes

Ask all your friends to donate $22 to support your efforts