We have partnered with Opinionate to enable you to raise funds from the comfort of home by becoming an Opinion Donor.

As an Opinion Donor you raise funds for us by answering paid online surveys (on topics unrelated to Neuroblastoma Australia) when it suits your lifestyle. Opinionate pay us direct fundraising revenue for each survey you complete.

Think of it as online micro-volunteering, where everyone’s opinions are valuable and you are in control. It is a quick, easy and convenient way to support to us in your spare time.

Funds are generated through legitimate market research surveys sent to you via email or accessible on-demand through our Opinion Donor fundraising page, your opinions and identity remain anonymous, and you land safely on our website at the end of each activity. Best of all, 100% of the funds raised goes towards supporting Neuroblastoma Australia.

Register as an Opinion Donor and support Neuroblastoma Australia today. 

We would love to hear back from anyone who signs up and can give us feedback on this initiative.

Thanks for your support !