We are delighted to announce that our charity has partnered with Beyond Bank Australia. As a sustainable business, they aim to help their customers, their staff and their communities achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability now and into the future. This commitment was demonstrated by becoming the first bank in Australia to become B Corp certified.

The bank is 100% customer owned, which means they use their profits to benefit customers and their communities.

Community Rewards Program

The partnership includes access to their Community Reward Banking Program which gives back over $650,000 each year to organisations like ours. And they offer exclusive benefits for members too.

When you open your account, you can then link to Neuroblastoma Australia. The more you save, the more you earn and the more Beyond Bank will donate to us, at no cost to you. So, you can make a difference and help us just by saving money!

To learn more about the Community Reward Account please visit Beyond Bank's website

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