The Barnett family tragically lost their 8 month old baby daughter Ruth to neuroblastoma on Christmas Day last year. In order to create a lasting legacy in Ruth’s honour, Ruth’s Dad, Daniel is organising the creation of a special garden which will provide an educational and fun outdoor area in their local community.

They are also holding a fundraising appeal for Neuroblastoma Australia at the same time and have raised so far a massive $38,000!!

Ruth never got the chance to play outside in the garden with her big sister and the neighbourhood kids. Sadly, what the Bartnett family went through is the reality of many more families affected by neuroblastoma. Only 50% of the children diagnosed with aggressive tumours survive. We MUST find a cure!!

If you would like to support their garden project directly, through donating a pretty native plant or two please reach out to Ruth’s dad through their Facebook Page and to support their Neuroblastoma cure campaign please go here

Your help matters

Each new research and each new breakthrough gives families of children with neuroblastoma - hope, hope for a cure and a promise of better treatment options. Each and every contribution matters. For we can not do it without you.

Every Child deserves the chance to grow up. 

You can help the Bartnett family raise funds for Neuroblastoma cure campaign here.

To know more about what we do and our quest to find better and safer treatments for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma, please visit our appeals page.