Free Friday Family Fun

With so many of us in isolation either at home or in hospital, we thought it would be a nice idea to share some fun free activities to help make the days ahead fun for our families.

Below are our picks of the week and we'd love to hear your ideas so please email us at [email protected] if you'd like to add an idea to our Friday list.

Update: we have now expanded our list. Take a look at our new free family activity page!

Friday 3 April

Bring the zoo to you

Fancy having a lion in your loungeroom or a tiger in your kitchen? If you search for one of the animals below through Google on your smart phone and click View in 3D the animal will appear in your camera! It's great fun taking photos of the kids with an Alligator, Angler fish, Ball python, Brown bear, Cat, Cheetah, Deer, Dog (Bulldog, Pomeranian, Labrador Retriever, Pug, Rottweiler), Duck, Eagle, Emperor penguin, Giant panda, Goa, Hedgehog, Horse, Leopard, Lion, Macaw, Octopus, Racoon, Shark, Shetland pony, Snake, Tiger, Turtle and Wolf. Check out the article from Google for a full 'how to' guide

Also, many zoos around the world are inviting you to join them for feeding times, just to watch the animals play or in the case of Melbourne Zoo to watch the keepers dance. Here are some links:

taronga TV

Bears everywhere

Bears are appearing in windows around the world to give little ones something fun to spot as they walk around the block. Dress up your window (this is what Lyn's looks like today). Join up the Going on a Bear Hunt Australia page on Facebook

Bear Hunt


Tune in to one of Berkelouw Books' Rhymetime sessions which are streamed through both Facebook and Instagram generally at 9.30am. 

Berkelouw Books Storytime

Audio books

Listening to stories is a wonderful way for children to unwind, escape and enjoy magical worlds. Although Australian libraries may be closed many are still leanding eBooks and audiobooks. Search for your local library to find out how to borrow music, magazines and interactive learning. You should also be able to join your library online and access your state library with your library card. 

Borrow Box

Check in with your local parenting groups

We've listed a few of our best picks here but you might find your local parenting group has wonderful lists of free activities that other parents have recommended for your area. For example North Shore Mums has set up a COVID-19 page with lists of activities and advice for parents including free drama classes, the local bear hunt, and 115 things to do at home with the kids. 


Share your ideas!

If you have a great idea please send it through to [email protected] so we can share it in our next edition of Free Friday Fun For Families.

Take care,

The Neuroblastoma Australia Team