When hosting your own event, you get to decide the date, location and how you'd like to organise your fundraiser.

  • Select your date
  • Pick a course/distance
  • Run, walk and fundraise for your own solo local event
  • Or, invite your friends and family to join in and create your own larger local event
  • Have fun!

You can also choose how you and/or your participants fundraise.

  1. Share this appeal link directly to your friends, family and Run2Cure Local participants. It's simple to donate to this page directly!
  2. OR, click on the blue box that says "Fundraise." If selecting Fundraise, you then can create your very own Run2Cure Local Appeal page. Once complete, share this unique fundraising page, created for your event, to your contacts.

Let us know at [email protected] if you have any questions.