Help fund the research today that will help kids with neuroblastoma tomorrow

Neuroblastoma Australia wants to fund more groundbreaking neuroblastoma research and clinical trials to help find better, kinder and safer treatments.

Our research grants are awarded to the most promising research projects assessed every 2 to 3 years by our leading Scientific Advisory Board(SAB). The international SAB carefully assess the potential of the research to make a real difference to treatments. Research proposals received focus on pre-clinical research which is primarily about developing new ways of treating neuroblastoma more effectively with less toxicity.

Examples of previous research projects include:

  • High- risk neuroblastoma with TERT oncogene
  • CAR T cell therapy for neuroblastoma
  • Venetoclax combination study
  • Chromosome 17 and MYNC

“The support of Neuroblastoma Australia of our group over a decade, has been absolutely invaluable in helping us to understand new mechanisms underlying the growth and aggressive behaviour of neuroblastoma, and to develop new treatments to target these mechanisms which have translated to a number of completed, current and planned clinical trials. We are indebted to Neuroblastoma Australia for working with us so closely towards our common goal of one day making neuroblastoma a completely treatable and hopefully preventable disease.” - Professor Michelle Haber, Children's Cancer Institute

What you can do

By supporting this appeal, you are playing a vital part in our mission to enable researchers and their teams to achieve their dream of finding treatments and a cure for the one in two of the children who are diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma. Each new research and each new breakthrough gives families of children with neuroblastoma - hope, hope for a cure and a promise of better treatment options. We urge you to get behind this appeal - For, we can't do it without you and they can't do it without you.

Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every donation is important. It all adds up to make a big difference to children battling this aggressive cancer.

Every Child deserves the chance to grow up. 

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