Thanks to the hard work of our community we were able to award grants of $125,000 for two outstanding research projects for 2020.

Dr Alla Dolnikov in the research lab with assistant

Updates from our researchers

Associate Professor Tao Liu and Dr Alla Dolnikov who are both scientists from the Children’s Cancer Institute have provided the following videos to introduce themselves to our community and explain how their projects are tracking.

Associate Professor Tao Liu

Considered the most exciting of the proposals assessed by our Scientific Advisory Board, Associate Professor Tao Liu's project involves using an existing drug to treat a group of high-risk children with an extremely rare TERT oncogene rearrangement in their neuroblastoma, who currently have a less that 40% chance of survival.  

Dr Alla Dolnikov 

Dr Alla Dolnikov is researching a new way to make CAR T therapy more effective in treating neuroblastoma tumours by suppressing the MYC oncogene. Currently CAR T therapy which is seen as a promising way of using the body’s own immune system to tackle cancer cells has not worked on neuroblastoma tumours.  But the award-winning research looks like there could be a way of changing this.

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