Here's a truth. Adam wasn't a warrior. He didn't fight neuroblastoma. He didn't gain his angel wings after a long battle. He was simply a little boy starting out in life who was diagnosed with a cruel and vicious disease, that no treatment could eradicate, and that eventually killed him.

The truth is a brutal one and so we use strong and defiant words and language to shield us from having to utter it.

Children can't fight cancer - so we have to. By working together to find more effective and less harmful treatments. The problems don't often end when the treatment works, they start over due to the huge amount of toxic drugs used to try and beat the disease.

Another brutal truth is we don't. Work together that is.

If I established a dedicated research fund to help children with neuroblastoma would anybody support it? Because there has to be a way to do more than we are right now. MORE THAN ANYBODY IS. There is so much more that I know we could do if we only had the resources, and that pains me so much.

This disease is relentless. Those of us who are serious about wanting to try and make a real difference need to be too. Otherwise we can carry on scratching around on the surface and pretending. Or give up and accept defeat.

Nick, Adam's dad

Adam in hospital