Ava was diagnosed with Stage IV High risk Neuroblastoma shortly after her second birthday.
Life’s challenges changed from fussy toddler eating and tantrums to severe chemotherapy burns (mucositis), nausea, vomiting, IV medications and many hospital stays. Leanne & James, Ava's mum and dad
Ava went through 18 months of treatment in total.
Ava undergoing treatment in hospital
Eight cycles of chemotherapy followed by resection surgery, two stem cell transplants, radiotherapy and six months of immunotherapy.
Ava's journey was no easy ride, she initially didn’t respond to treatment and her disease remained defiant throughout. Leanne & James
She was confirmed NED (no evidence of disease) in November 2019.
Ava with Jelly Cat
Ava now is part of a vaccine trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York which her family hopes keeps her cancer free.
Ava is the happiest, most outgoing and friendly child. We truly believe she was put on this earth as an example of hope and strength. She’s a true hero. Leanne & James