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In January 2022, at the age of just 8 months old, Hayley's mother Hannah noticed her baby daughter's back had suddenly developed a rash and shortly afterwards noticed that Hayley was experiencing leg spasms.

Hannah rushed her daughter to the local hospital where scans were done. Following a discussion with a visiting neurologist, Hannah was advised to immediately take Hayley to the Emergency Department at Perth's Children's Hospital for further assessment.

Hannah and her husband Brad packed their bags and drove two hours to the hospital. There, Hannah and her husband received the devastating news that their baby daughter had a large tumour behind her chest which was also compressing part of the spine causing leg paralysis. 

He also told us she may not walk because of the damage caused. Many emotions were felt and tears shed. How do you even begin to process such information about your innocent baby girl? Hayley's mum, Hannah.

A biopsy confirmed the tumour was neuroblastoma and emergency spinal surgery to remove the tumour was required, followed by chemotherapy.

The surgery removing part of the tumour was successful, but despite everyone's hopes and expectations, the chemotherapy was ineffective. The only option was for Hayley to have a second surgery through the side of her chest. Fortunately, this surgery was successful, although it was incredibly hard for her parents to watch their baby have to go through.

Hayley suffered from PTSD for a long while after she returned home. For months she would wake every hour in the night screaming. Often the psychological toll of treatments on these young children and their parents is overlooked. Today, we are pleased to say Hayley is doing well, she is nearly two and is walking. You can read her full story here

Help us reach our ultimate goal - a cure for all children 

We want to help all children, like Hayley, grow up and lead long and healthy lives. Neuroblastoma is a complex disease and survival rates currently vary depending on each child's neuroblastoma and can be as low as 50%. We want to ensure treatments are developed which are far more effective and less painful for children, and which don't leave lasting side-effects.

As the end of the financial year approaches please consider making a donation, if you are able to, to Neuroblastoma Australia. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Every child deserves the chance to grow up. 

Where does your money go?

Dr. Daniel Carter, Neuroblastoma Australia Grants Round Recipient 2022

We are 100% community funded and the only charity in Australia with the sole objective to improve treatments, and ultimately find a cure, for neuroblastoma. 

Funds from this appeal will go to support the charity's next research grants round where two innovative, pre-clinical research projects will be selected by our world-class Scientific Advisory BoardNo other charity has a panel of neuroblastoma specific experts. Through their extensive knowledge of the global neuroblastoma research field, you can be totally confident that funds invested go to the very best research which has the potential to make the most significant advancements to the treatment of neuroblastoma. 

Donations received last year went towards our Grants Research Round where we have now been able to fund three exciting research projects. One of the winners, Dr. Daniel Carter, explains why this funding has made such a huge difference to him and his work. Watch the video here.

Read about our previous grants here