Isabel Louise Carter fondly called Issy or Belle was the first child of Sarah and Reade and the first grandchild for both families.

She was our little "Ray of Sunshine", so happy, vivacious and joyous until that terrible day when a lump on her forehead turned our family's world upside down and we learnt of an insidious disease neuroblastoma.

Issy was 13 months old, six months later following a harrowing journey with hope peaking around every corner, a dramatic change, a new more aggressive tumour robbed us so suddenly, so cruelly of our beautiful dearest Belle.

A cure must be found to stop neuroblastoma.

She is forever our little ray of sunshine and a twinkling star sparkling in our hearts. 

Belle on her first birthday (portrait)

Issy was born on 20 May 2008 and tragically became a bright star on 27 December 2009.