On Anzac Day 2017, at the tender age of seven, Jazmyn was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

She's had everything: high dose chemo, surgery to remove the tumour, stem cell harvest and transplant, 21 rounds of radiation therapy and immunotherapy with 21 days of isolation; first one was over Christmas second was over Valentine's day but finally we got the all clear. On 10 December 2018 she was remission. Chantelle, Jazmyn's mum

Until the family received the shattering news that her cancer had returned. The impact was felt throughout their family, friends and community.

Jazmyn sitting on her couch

On September 18 2019 I got the call that it was back. It just broke my heart. I had to take Jaz to school. It was hard but I did it. I had to call my husband because he was at work and tell him. Then I went to my mum's and lost it. I broke down hard as I told my mum, my brother and sister. I had to tell Jazmyn's brothers as well, one who was at work. Then everyone else. Chantelle, Jazmyn's mum