Jordy’s journey started on the day of his birth September 19 2003 when he was placed in the special care unit at the Goulburn Valley Base Hospital, Shepparton with a temperature and feared brain damage.

He was cleared of any brain damage however the decision was made to transfer him to the RCH Melbourne where he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Jordy in special care

Jordy in Special Care Unit GV Hospital on the day of his birth

He remained in the RCH for three weeks while the hospital for three weeks after his birth when he was discharged, he returned weekly for checks and monitoring of the tumour which was grapefruit size when he was born. Although initially it began to shrink slightly the tumour began to grow again at two months when the RCH made the decision to commence chemotherapy. After the course of chemo at 9 month old he was admitted to the RCH and had surgery to remove his kidney, as the tumour was to involved with his kidney to safely removed it.

Jordy in RHC

Jordy in RCH 17.06.2003 – the night before his surgery

Jordy day after surgery

Jordy after his surgery having a bath


Jordy after his surgery

Following surgery Jordy bounced back and became a normal healthy one year old.

Returning at three month intervals for monitoring and then progressively 6 month visits and then 12 month visits along with regular checks with the local paediatrician in Shepparton.

Further tragedy struck Jordy’s mother  Andrea and our family when Jordy’s father was killed in a car accident two days after Jordy celebrated his third birthday,  leaving Andrea with two little boys  three and an 8 month old.

Andrea and her boys have rebuilt their lives with Andrea marrying a wonderful man and the birth of little girl to add to her family.

Jordy and family

Jordy today with his family, Jordy is back row on the left

Andrea wrote a blog following the trauma of events titled Learning from Yearning which traced her life dealing with all the challenges she faced. She now has a website Soulful Living which she has dedicated helping and supporting people through their own personal journeys.