Just before his fifth birthday Max was diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma. Max went through 16 months of treatment, including several crushing bouts of chemotherapy, an eight-hour surgery, 20 days of radiation and six months of immunotherapy. Max never let the gruelling treatments get the better of him.
Max at the pool giving the thumbs up
Even though each treatment was extremely difficult for him, Max bounced back after each round, with his famous smile and cheeky nature. Max's mum, Sharvita
But despite all this treatment and Max’s superhero-like determination and resolve, in June 2018 doctors found a new growth in his pelvic bone and his family were told there were no further treatment options.
Max in pink towel after swimming

The day we found out was the worst day of our entire lives. The hardest part was trying to put yourself back together again, to go and face the same child who is lying in bed. He was going through so much but we had to be the strong ones for him. Max's mum, SharvitaMax tragically passed away on 12 March 2019 at the age of six. In June 2019, Sharvita courageously made the journey from Perth to Sydney's Run2Cure with eight friends to run in memory of Max. In this video Sharvita kindly shares her story with us.

We need the funding for research because the only way children are treated now is they’re hit hard and fast with as much as they can because if it comes back they can’t treat it. They’re given absolutely everything and it’s awful for the kids. Funding and research is needed to reach the point that these precious children are not taken from us or made to suffer so intensely. Max's mum Sharvita