Declan and his brother Brodie

The impact on siblings is very significant. Mine being 12 months apart in age, my little guy has had his whole life, as he knew it turned upside down. Everything they have ever known is shaken to the absolute core. Their whole world changes and they don't fully understand why or how. For them losing a loved one is real, they've seen it happen. No child should have to endure this insidious disease and no sibling should have to watch it unfold. Kim Kane, Declan and Brodie's mum 

Message from Natalie

Kilometre #22 is in honour of all of the siblings impacted by neuroblastoma. When I first started raising awareness I felt it was really important to have events that Jai's siblings, Rhys and Kasey, could be involved in. That's why events like Run2Cure Neuroblastoma are so important; where kids have the opportunity to help kids.

Jai and his two siblings

Jai (far right) with his brother and sister.

A diagnosis of neuroblastoma can be particularly difficult and confusing for siblings. Life as they know it is thrown into turmoil as the family comes to terms with the disease, intensive treatments, lengthy hospital stays where one parent is often away for long periods and so much more. Siblings experience many emotions; fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, feeling alone, confusion, guilt, sadness, grie f... they can also respond with love, care and compassion.

Thank you for your support.

Natalie Bunworth #44kmfor44kids

Mum Monique with Maddie and her brother Levi

Mum Monique with Maddie and her brother Levi.

Declan and his brother Brodie being scientists Declan and his brother Brodie in the park

Declan and his brother Brodie as scientists and climbing trees.

Marko and his two brothers

Marko and his two brothers