Sophie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the end of March 2019. Her family's world came crashing down when they were told her cancer diagnosis. They had never even heard of neuroblastoma and now they were living their worst nightmare.

Sophie had secondary cancers throughout her face with one resting close to her optic nerve that was risking her vision. In order to protect her sight and try to save her life, Sophie had to begin chemotherapy straight away.

Sophie has since been through six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, two high dose chemotherapies with stem cell transplants and radiotherapy.

She has endured more suffering than most people do in their entire lives but has taken it in her stride. She rarely complains and just gets on with it. She's a little hero. Brooke, Sophie's mum

Sophie in hospital with dollySophie is currently going through immunotherapy. After everything she has been through, there is the very real chance that her neuroblastoma could return. If this happens, there aren't many options in Australia to treat Neuroblastoma relapse. This is why Sophie's parents are committed to getting her to New York for a vaccine trial that is showing promising results in preventing relapse.

You can learn more about Sophie's journey through the Sophie's Fight website.