It was the day after father's day 2017 that Summer was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Finding our daughter had a 50% chance to live, at the toss of a coin was hard to take. Her doctor didn't think she would make it through the night because she was so sick. 

But she fought so hard and went through 6 chemos, a 12 hour surgery (lost a kidney because a big tumour was on it), bone marrow transplant which meant staying in hospital isolated for 6 weeks without seeing her brothers which was tough on everyone.

Then she endured 20 rounds of radiation. We did scans and Summer was clear! Then, tragically, 2 weeks after the scan, Summer got back pains and the monster cancer was back.

We found it was on her spine and brain and were told she had only a 5% chance to live. She was rushed into radiation because her doctor was worried the tumours would make her unable to walk again. The radiation made the cancer liquid form, which made her terminal.

No chance of survival and given 5 weeks to live.

Told to make memories, we took her home where she loved the most and did some chemo at home to get more time. She lasted 16 weeks and amazed doctors. Our amazing beautiful daughter became a angel on 22 December 2018. Forever missed and loved. Tamica, Summer's Mum

Summer with sparkly head band

Summer Rose Walsh

Summer battled the children's cancer neuroblastoma for 15 months.

She gained her wings on 22 December 2018